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Portrait Artist
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The premiere photographic studio in the Tri-State area with over 20 years of award-winning experience in portraiture and weddings.

We Are Focused On You!

"You made me feel good about myself, so that I wasn't worried about being in front of the camera, I forgot about all the terrible photos that I have taken in the past. You made it feel natural and I knew that I would like what you were capturing. Now the problem is deciding what photos not to keep. I love them all!"

E.J., Wheeling, WV

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are Bernadette Chops and Janet Schmitt, the portrait artists of C&S Photography. The above quote from a recent client reflects our success in creating imaginative portraits that reflect the taste and interests of our diverse clientele: from established executives to high school seniors and aspiring models, from the soon-to-be-married, to young families, to family reunions.

Our success is the result of our commitment to work with each client as an individual - to find the "heart and soul" of a person or an occasion. For most people this involves helping you to relax in front of the camera, even to forgetting that the camera is there. The interaction between you and the photographer results in an image that is spontaneous and real.

Experience has taught us that there is plenty of work to do before the client steps in front of the camera. Foremost, there is the client's taste and style to consider. Are you looking for photo-realism or a fantasy moment? Do you want your photos taken against a natural outdoor setting, in the midst of a sumptuous interior, or on a fantasy set of our own creation? Perhaps you are attracted to minimalism and the drama of a portrait in black & white?

But we still may not be ready to snap that perfect photo. It may be necessary to visit the client's home to understand the color scheme of a family room. Also, if a potential photo site is new to us, we will visit it beforehand to understand the play of light and shadow and to decide the best time of day for the portrait.

Our concern for quality does not end with the photo session. In fact, it is only beginning. Each image is printed to our and to our customer's specifications to accentuate the brilliance and optimize the depth of color. We believe that the resulting accuracy and presence are unmatched.

All of this work and attention to detail is made worth it when our client says, “This is exactly what I was looking for,” or “I never believed that I could look this good.”

As portrait artists we are always looking for exceptional images that capture the essence of the person & the moment in a photograph that increases in significance and sentiment over the years.  For many it is a moment that becomes an heirloom.

About Us

We each began our professional lives as teachers who shared an interest in the hobby of photography.  Pretty quickly we joined forces to help each other out when called upon to photograph a special occasion for friends and family.  Soon our hobby grew into a business and we made the decision to give up teaching, and devote ourselves to photography as full-time professionals.  It is a decision that we have never regretted.

While C&S Photography is probably best known for its classic, timeless images, we love to experiment with new ideas and images to keep our photos fresh.  Each year we block out time in our busy calendar to attend select seminars from around the world that keep us abreast of the latest innovations in photography and artistic styles.


Both Bernadette Chops and Janet Schmitt have earned their Master of Photography degree and are Certified Professional Photographers.  They are members of several prestigious photographic societies including:  Kodak Promise of Excellence, The Presidential Circle, Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of West Virginia.

Their work has repeatedly won state, regional and national Awards of Excellence.  Their photographs have been displayed with the Professional Photographers of America Traveling Loan Collection.   More importantly, their images have been published in the Professional Photographers of America Traveling Loan Collection—an honor earned by only 5% of the nation’s top photographers.

C&S Photography has received the Kodak Gallery Award and the prestigious Fugi Masterpiece Award.

Janet has been awarded the title of Wedding Photographer of the Year in the State of West Virginia.

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